Where will the cloud be heading in 2023?


Where will the cloud be heading in 2023?

Developers and cloud computing, since the beginning, have been intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. As competitiveness in the realm of IT is increasing with every passing day, organizations are expanding their horizons to enhance productivity and efficiency. Cloud migration across countless industry verticals has been relentless due to flexibility, economy, and scalability. 

After heading into 2023, we understand that the cost of cloud will skyrocket in the coming days. In addition, the disruptive volatility in the overall economy will add fire to gasoline due to the constant shifts in IT. Cloud providers are being open about how the cost of adapting cloud technology is getting out of hand.

Cloud services for the general public are reaching the $600 Billion mark. Jason Fried, CEO of, Basecamp, said the increase in the cost is due to people hoarding the space in the cloud ‘just in case.’ By the looks of it, ‘just in case’ is why time, energy, and resources are laid to go down to waste. 

A brief take on Cloud Computing becoming expensive 

The cloud came into being because it would provide unfathomable flexibility and scalability. For more than 15 years, the cloud has empowered the IT realm. In addition to this, the pay-as-you-go model aids businesses of any size in building newer and more sophisticated technologies at an accelerating rate. Users across the world are delighted with what the cloud has to offer. 

Nevertheless, the cloud’s scalability has also become its greatest financial drawback. Different offering ranges exist, and when combined with how new servers are spun, they cost a little more than usual. Moreover, the DevOps engineering team brings new servers up and misses out on closing the older ones. This adds another layer of financial drawback and further keeps existing resources running, which is bad for any business. With proper supervision and transparency, businesses will be able to save tons of their resources and time. 

Even with the expense of overprovisioning and hidden costs, having a Cloud Service Provider who knows how to optimize the cost could make the investment worthwhile. 

Is the cloud computing scenario going to change in 2023?

With technology and the IT realm in constant flux, predicting where the cloud is heading in the coming months. Given that, it’s a little perplexing as to where the cloud will be going; nevertheless, the present-day trends and developments suggest that the cloud will witness massive innovation and growth as: 

    • Cloud-native: Kubernetes, containers, and serverless technologies are integral to cloud technology’s future. Even in 2023, these will continue to garner popularity and adaptation as organizations move to a scalable and agile approach. Furthermore, the agile methodology will help in building applications faster, and deploying them will be even greater and more flexible. The cost-effective nature of these technologies makes them a lucrative option for organizations looking to move from an on-premise setup.

    • Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud: Vendor lock-in is eliminated when the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud exists. Organizations are reaping the benefits of multi-cloud and hybrid as they diss vendor lock-in out of the water. More companies will deploy and manage workloads with private and public cloud infrastructure in the coming year.

    • Cloud cost optimization: There’s no denying that spending will grow as more organizations jump into the cloud bandwagon. Moreover, organizations are looking to optimize their overall expenses on the cloud. We’ll be witnessing a paradigm shift in strategies related to cost optimization, like spot instances, rightsizing, and reserved instances. These strategies would help organizations reduce their overall spending on the cloud without sacrificing availability and performance.

    • Security and Compliance: One of the reasons why people are moving to the cloud is that cloud computing adds multiple layers of security to protect sensitive workloads and data. As data is much more important than fiat currency, security & compliance would continue to be the top priority. As you see organizations invest more in security and compliance, like identity management and encryption, you’ll understand how the cloud has positively impacted the entire IT realm. You’d understand that cloud technology will only get better and more potent in the foreseeable future.

Are you ready to move back to an on-premise setup? Or cloud computing is for your business!

Cloud computing, as in whole, is a little expensive, but isn’t everything else also getting hefty as the days pass by? But the real question is would you like to move back to on-premise? No, right? Because cloud computing has helped organizations move 70% of their workloads to on-prem service. 

Moving back to on-premise would mean you’re okay with low-latency, unreliable performance in times when the needs of the customers are continuously evolving. In addition to this, not all businesses can host physical servers to enhance their productivity and garner higher ROI. Additionally, you must pour more money and curate a SysAdmins team to ensure your data center is up and running. Cloud computing solves all these problems and more, alongside remediating vulnerabilities, power outages, and unprecedented physical damages. 

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