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Automate Managing Cloud & IT Assets Efficiently & Boost Visibility With CloudZenix Nimbus

CloudZenix Nimbus is a state-of-the-art Cloud and IT Asset Management tool to monitor your Cloud and IT infrastructure. The CloudZenix Nimbus will help you keep an eye on all your Cloud and IT Assets throughout their lifecycle

Track. Manage. Automate.

As an asset management platform, CloudZenix Nimbus is loaded with thoughtful and proactive features, such as an agent-based scan powered by API Gateway Agent, which is lightweight and highly robust. It is small, easy to handle, and makes deployment a walk in the park. With the ever-expanding use of cloud and IT assets in organizations. Furthermore, it is a feasible choice to send information across all endpoints (Cloud and IT Devices) to track and manage these assets. Nimbus came into being to help you maintain, upgrade, deploy, and dispose of your Cloud and IT Assets by the end of their lifecycle.

Tackle your Organization’s Asset Management Platform Challenges

  • Leverage the tool to discover cloud and IT assets in the digital ecosystem. Control all the devices from a single console and make the most out of your IT and Cloud Infrastructure Management.
  • Build an asset database that is 100% accurate to discover and scan all the assets in real time!
  • CloudZenix Nimbus would help you to procure asset information of all the assets both connected to the cloud and IT assets. You can also assess version history, and ownership, among other data, from a single console.
  • With Nimbus, you can build and maintain a distinctive inventory that would help you to manage the assets with which you do want to be connected.
Real-time control, monitoring, and IT and Cloud Infrastructure Management can be achieved if assets are visible. When there are loose ends in your digital ecosystem, you won’t be able to know the loopholes lurking in the infinite digital ecosystem. Your business will burn on multiple ends, time, resources, and finances if this happens. CloudZenix Nimbus can help you minimize waste and optimize the proper allocation of resources, which would, in turn, help in effectively monitoring the Cloud and IT assets.

What can you achieve with CloudZenix Nimbus?

Nimbus can help you with a ton of key features that will help you get the most out of your cloud infrastructure, such as:
  • Cloud Cost Optimization: You will get real-time cost analysis and optimization recommendations to help you reduce your cloud spending and keep your cloud costs under control.
  • Cloud Asset Inventory: A complete inventory of your cloud assets, including virtual machines, storage accounts, databases, and more.
  • Cloud Security Management: Our tool includes robust security features to help you secure and protect your cloud assets from impending threats.
  • Cloud Resource Management: Nimbus provides a centralized console for managing all of your cloud resources, so you can easily monitor, organize, and control your cloud infrastructure.
  • Custom Dashboards: Create custom dashboards to view and manage your cloud assets and get real-time insights into your cloud infrastructure.
**Nimbus currently works on AWS, and further iterations and future updates will support the Google Cloud Platform, among others.

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