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CloudZenix is a DevOps Solution provider that helps businesses leverage Collaboration, Cloud Adoption, Monitoring, Automation, and Tool-chain Pipelines to undergo digital transformation. Our DevOps team believes in providing advisory and transformation services for our clients to help accelerate the value stream.

We ensure rapid application onboarding by simply automating the end-to-end continuous integration, delivery pipeline, and development on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. As the delivery pipeline across the Big-3 could platforms is end-to-end and automated, it makes faster time to market even more seamless with enhanced efficiency. Our DevOps solutions are custom-made for all business verticals; they are agile, innovative, and exponentially cost-effective.

As you tend to your business needs and goals, we’ll help you keep up with the market needs and demands with our extensive and far-reaching DevOps services. Our DevOps team works collaboratively to develop and deploy software for testing and production environments with just a click with improved time to market and quality assurance.

DevOps Consulting Services

At CloudZenix, we leverage our expertise in DevOps and extensive hands-on experience in optimizing cloud implementations to provide customized solutions for your unique needs.

DevOps Consulting

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking to drive your digital transformation.

CI / CD Toolchain Solutions

Employ our expertise to get the best CICD Tools implemented for your developers.

Infrastructure As Code

We bring the power of Cloud Computing to your fingertips, enabling you to scale rapidly.


Use the latest in Docker & Kubernetes to bring get the most optimal performance for your applications.

Site Reliability Engineering

Be Proactive with your product development pipeline to improve reliability & stability.

Config Management

Streamline your Cloud Infrastructure with the best in class solutions that best fit your needs.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

When you are seeking strategic secure DevOps solutions, Cloudzenix has the experience and potential to have worked on building efficient development teams and IT and business units for several years now. We define innovative sectors of diligence that others haven’t been able to achieve.

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Implementation Procedure

Our implementation is based on four pillars that enable your business to get the best DevOps solutions that facilitate the best source control, enabling work item management, including continuous delivery and testing. It is a package that provides security scans and adds value stream management to your existing tools.

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Put an End to your DevOps Implementation Challenges

Using secure DevOps methodologies allows end-users to mitigate the quality and security issues while implementing meaningful KPIs that assist in making robust business decisions. 

Cost-effective Software Development Lifecycle can get you to market faster with improved application quality. We help minimize re-work from the initial stages by enhancing your business tools with DevOps.  Defects are addressed early on to have improved success rates. 

Cloudzenix happens to reach the frontiers of value stream management in several ways. We have successfully identified bottlenecks, managed the delivery of the necessary pipeline, and emphasized more machine learning and analytics to boost your business.

With the help of the Application Release Automation, which happens to be part of secure DevOps technology, most global businesses have incorporated it for better deployability. The ability for so many benefits that the company can now rely on, such as complete traceability and easy-to-audit options

to modernize and bring continuous delivery, which can only be possible through robust DevOps solutions. Our DevOps team will integrate with the tools that you are using so that we can aggregate the data and provide the best insights and improvements inexpensively. When you deal with bugs and glitches that results in downtime, we will identify them and make the system even better than previous iterations.

Pilot Framework Creation

Who doesn't want to save their time and resources? Our tools & approach are integrated so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

Increasing Deployability

With the help of the Application Release Automation, which happens to be part of secure DevOps technology, most global businesses have incorporated it.

Assessment and Planning

Creating a DevOps Assessment Roadmap is all about envisioning the desired goals and finding an objective way to measure progress.

Process Implementation

Our team specializes in four areas: Analysis, Design, Construction, and Implementation. We ensure that every aspect of your DevOps strategy benefits your business goals!

Continuous Improvement for Optimal Results!

DevOps Pipeline for Continuous Business Delivery

Robust DevOps solutions can help overcome implementation challenges seamlessly

Continuous Improvement for Optimal Results!

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